David A. Trampier Tribute

Raven Amos on DeviantArt -

D. A. Trampier, the man whose illustrations defined an entire generation of Dungeons and Dragons players, passed away on the 24th of March, 2014. He was an inspiration to many, including myself, and will be incredibly missed. The world is suddenly a little less vibrant somehow...

Charging Triceratops WIP - feet

Raven Amos on DeviantArt -


Messing around with the forelimbs of my Triceratops after being informed that the feet were initially too pronate. Please leave critique in the comments. Thanks!
(Will be moved to scraps/deleted later)

Rhamphorhynchus Flapling

Raven Amos on DeviantArt -

A color rough and sketch of a rhamphorhynchus flapling (baby).

***Updated 20th January 2014*** - adjusted arm and wing proportions proportions, stance, and feet, as well as tweaked the pattern a little.



All hail Sir Lancelot, the newest member of the Perkins Wildlife family!

Ghrendali Road Markers

Raven Amos on DeviantArt -

An exercise in world-building for the Ghrendali race - road marker statuary.

Ghrendali, while able to convey facial expressions, rely more on body language and ear position to denote mood and intent. The top statue, sitting with ears pricked and arms crossed, convey that the way ahead is safe for travel. The bottom statue conveys that the way ahead is dangerous or unknown, with the figure's ears drooping or pinned back, claws outstretched in an aggressive pounce. The eyes of many Ghrendali statues are bored through the entirety of the figure, allowing light to shine through the holes and making many traveler feel as if they are being watched, for good or bad. The sketch at the right is an attempt at abstracting the "danger" statue, much like how we humans abstract the concept of "poison" or "danger" with a skull and crossbones, or the Mr. Yuck face.

While sketching this at a cafe, I was approached by a patron who wanted to see what I was drawing. After looking upon my sketches, she decreed them "adorable" and went about her business.

Lesser Bowertyrant (Gorgosaurus libratus)

RedBubble Stuff by Raven -

by Raven Amos

A speculative look at the behaviors and habits of long-gone creatures, submitted for Irregular Books’ “All Yesterdays” contest:

Gorgosaurus libratus – the lesser bowertyrant – courts a potential mate by constructing bowers of bone and driftwood and offering trophies of previous hunts or scavenging expeditions while displaying his iridescent feathers.


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