Raven Digital Linework

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One of my first all-digital pieces of artwork done completely on a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet back in 2008. Prior to this, I would draw my line work in pen and ink, scan it, and use the tablet to touch up the work. This was also used as part of the flyer art advertising a show I did with called "Art Remains", which featured leftover pieces from previous shows.

Long-tailed Duck

Raven Amos on DeviantArt -

15-minute freehand (no underdrawing) watercolor sketch of a long-tailed duck, one of the many diverse shorebird species to be found in Kachemak Bay, AK.

Rodan and Triforce shield emblem

Raven Amos on DeviantArt -

Working on some new drawings lately for some shirt designs I've been dreaming up. One of the latest will be a Godzilla/Legend of Zelda mashup including this heraldic shield emblem featuring a monstrous triforce and a stylized Rodan.
*UPDATED 5/30/2014 with new design.

David A. Trampier Tribute

Raven Amos on DeviantArt -

D. A. Trampier, the man whose illustrations defined an entire generation of Dungeons and Dragons players, passed away on the 24th of March, 2014. He was an inspiration to many, including myself, and will be incredibly missed. The world is suddenly a little less vibrant somehow...

Charging Triceratops WIP - feet

Raven Amos on DeviantArt -


Messing around with the forelimbs of my Triceratops after being informed that the feet were initially too pronate. Please leave critique in the comments. Thanks!
(Will be moved to scraps/deleted later)

Rhamphorhynchus Flapling

Raven Amos on DeviantArt -

A color rough and sketch of a rhamphorhynchus flapling (baby).

***Updated 20th January 2014*** - adjusted arm and wing proportions proportions, stance, and feet, as well as tweaked the pattern a little.


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