Scott Elyard on DeviantArt


A feathered dilophosaur from the southern latitudes in the Jurassic, lightly seasoned with an aurora australis for flavor.

An Alaskan Theropod Dinosaur

Speedpainting of an Alaskan theropod dinosaur, made back in February of 2010. We saw numerous chickadees outside our house in Anchorage, when I lived there.

I kind of miss those guys.

Richard Basehart!

Richard Basehart! as elocuted by TV’s Gypsy of MST3K. Digital painting done from two practice speedpaintings as the last image of 2012 from me for our show, Archosaurs and Automata.

Link to prints can be found in the store.


MST3000's Gypsy in a speedpainting.

Clockwork Carnivore

Red EUPARKERIA-TYPE Clockwork Carnivore, the mascot of sorts for the Archosaurs and Automata art show, enjoys a Takara-style snack.

Length: 60 cm.

A Gloom of Duralumin Dragons

My final piece for our upcoming art show, Archosaurs and Automata.

A followup of sorts to my Trikeratos painting.