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That is, the Anchorage Daily News: Modern Dwellers, is, in fact, located in Midtown, not downtown Anchorage.

Here's their website: —this may be another case of Google Maps simply not being accurate (this happens quite a lot, in my experience) and being used to fact-check.

And the name of Raven's piece is Swamp Dragon.

All Yesterdays Contest #2 - Lesser Bowertyrant

Raven Amos on DeviantArt -

A courting pair of lesser bowertyrants, or Gorgosaurus, with the male displaying his mating colors and feathers, offering his potential mate a Lambeosaurus skull trophy. The bower is an "avenue" type bower, with carefully arranged driftwood logs and scavenged bones on either side of a narrow aisle festooned with stones, bits of wood, and chunks of vertebrae - anything that is white or light in color.

Other bowertyrants, such as the "Greater Bowertyrant", or Tyrannosaurus rex, create their bowers from strategically gnawed trees, adorned with the decapitated heads of triceratops or other prey animals. All species are able to cannibalize the more edible parts of their bowers in times of drought or famine, deriving an extra shot of calcium from the bones therein. Indeed, it is the very reason the male offers the choicest bits to his would-be mate - the extra calcium in the offered bones allows for better egg production and a healthier brood.

*****UPDATE 9/25/2013*****
This painting is featured in the new e-book "All Your Yesterdays" from the fine folk at Irregular Books! Download your free copy today!

First Friday at Modern Dwellers: the Live Blog

Coherent Lighthouse -

First Friday is now on for our art show, #ArchosaursAndAutomata. The last minute rush covering previously missed details is over, and the show is completely hung up at Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge!
The wall of done.
Obviously, the entire internet is invited, but for those who can't make it, I'll be live blogging it as much as I can, which probably means uploading a few small movies and photographs of the exhibit, and then I'll be drawing and painting analog-style for the remainder of the evening. And possibly stuffing my face with sugary, chocolately stimulants.

Pieces include some of the work of Raven Amos from 2012, who, I think, really raised the bar this time around. Check out her work-in-progress for the show. Seeing these in person is impressive, but don't take my word for it. Since the show runs through the end of January 2013, visit and see them for yourself if you can. Raven inspires me to do better, even while I'm pushing myself though incredible self-doubt.

Trikeratos.Other pieces are a direct link to our show from October 2011, Dinosaurs and Robots. I think I might be in the process of building a series with these pieces, and might actually plan the next one.

At left is Trikeratos, which originated in a speed painting of a Triceratops skeleton for a day in February. The background and lighting elements came much later, but I only spent a few weeks on this one. Perhaps Tron was a source of inspiration, but I tend to think of Christmas lights more than anything in particular.
A Gloom of Duralumin Dragons

These Guidracos in A Gloom of Duralumin Dragons  (thank you both Emily Willoughby and Brianne Lyons for the title) took a lot longer.  Hundreds of hours of work, not including the studies I did. They are reasonaby accurate, thanks to the critiques by Michael Habib and David Hone; but any errors in their reconstruction is my fault alone. I also took a wrong road on the background, which wasn't bad, but seemed to me to be of the wrong sort of character for the piece. (I may be wrong again, but this is the look I wanted. Hindsight is 20/20, but perception can still be flawed, and I am far too close to the problem in this case to be objective.)

I might even have the animal I want to cover picked out already for the next in the series.

I also did the show's mascot, a Clockwork Carnivore, which we used on all of our promotional materials and made into postcards:
Clockwork Carnivore in Red.
Clockwork Carnivore in Blue.
This left me two pieces into the show, compared to Raven's four. We discussed my doing something else, but sometimes, you just can't plan these things. I did two different speedpaintings, and my final piece was born and finished within sight of the last half hour of the year's end:
"Richard Basehart!"Gypsy is a robot, after all, and qualifies as an automaton. In she goes!

And it's about that time. So off I go.

Edit: one final piece of graphic design made it in right at the last minute. It was accomplished in 2012, it does concern itself with robots, and it is the nerdiest piece I've ever done. Which might be saying something.

The Last Painting of 2012

Coherent Lighthouse -

And the last painting for the #ArchosaursAndRobots art show:

Gypsy elocuting Richard Basehart!This image was made from two speedpaintings: this study and this other study, and with the new background I probably put a total of about eight hours into it.

As I type this, Friday is just a few days away. If you're in the Anchorage area and headed to Modern Dwellers, I may see you in the evening. I'll be the one standing next to his fiancée, trying to look like I belong there.

Be seeing you.

Richard Basehart!

Scott Elyard on DeviantArt -

Richard Basehart! as elocuted by TV’s Gypsy of MST3K. Digital painting done from two practice speedpaintings as the last image of 2012 from me for our show, Archosaurs and Automata.

Link to prints can be found in the store.

Richard Basehart!

RedBubble Stuff by Scott -

by cubelight

Richard Basehart! as elocuted by TV’s Gypsy of MST3K. Digital painting done from two practice speedpaintings as the last image of 2012 from me for our show, Archosaurs and Automata.

My Previous Post on this Image Was "I'm Done."

Coherent Lighthouse -

That turned out to be wrong. Very.

Three days later, I repainted the background, almost completely, and by the time I uploaded my file to be printed, I was utterly drained and exhausted. But here's the result, a piece more in character with its prequel, Trikeratos:

Finished. I swear.But if there's any interest, I may offer the (slightly) older piece as a digital print. It was a lot of work just to come to realize where and how I'd gone awry:

Still good. But not good enough.Someday I'll relate the full tale of how I saved Xmas with this repaint. But not today. I've got a lot to do before the beginning of next month.


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