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Nanuqsaurus in the Garden of Ancient Plants.
A female Nanuqsaurus took a strange turn along the ancestral Colville River and finds herself feeling very small indeed among the towering giant plants of an ancient garden forgotten by time - a remnant of a warmer, wetter period of Alaska dominated by ferns, cycads, Bennettitales, dawn redwoods, and Ginkgoes, with interloping stands of flowering ginger plants as a reminder of the changing order of things.
A large azhdarchid pterosaur, known in Alaska only from footprints.

Fossil footprints found in Denali National Park revealed that at least two species of pterosaur (ancient flying reptiles that were "cousins" to dinosaurs) roamed the north lands and flew the chilly skies of Cretaceous Alaska. Pictured here is the larger of the two species - a large azhdarchid modeled after Quetzalcoatlus.

Scene depicting Pleistocene California with Oncorhynchus rastrosus, Arctodus simus, and Larus californicus.

A scene of the estuaries of Pleistocene era California depicting a scavenging short-faced bear, Arctodus simus, feeding off a spawned-out female Oncorhynchus rastrosus, the "saber-toothed" salmon, with an entourage of ancestral California gulls, Larus californicus. In the water, a pair of speculative ocean-phase Oncorhynchus enters the estuary looking for food, while a pair of spawning males jockey for status and position, ready to meet their fate upstream.

Produced for the upcoming textbook by Dr. Darren Naish of University of Portsmouth, England tentatively titled "The Vertebrate Fossil Record". Want to see more art and sketches? Subscribe to my Patreon page and get sneak peeks at my works in progress, including early access to finished paintings and more!

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