An Albino at Sunset

RedBubble Stuff by Scott -

by cubelight

An albino Pachyrhinosaurus spp. acknowledges a subadult. The mountains of the Brooks Range are very pretty in the summers near the polar north.

#Elegrams Help Save Elephants

Raven Amos on DeviantArt -

The Nature Conservancy (… is trying to get "elegrams" to help save elephants!

Donors have pledged $20,000 to The Nature Conservancy for programs associated with anti-poaching efforts and elephant sanctuaries in Africa if we all pitch in and create 20,000 "elegrams" in the coming weeks. To participate, create a piece of elephant art (it can be anything from 3-D art to food sculptures - but no photographs of real elephants) and upload it to the Nature Conservancy's website listed above, or to Facebook/Twitter with the hashtags "#elegram" and "#SaveElephants"

Let's help save some elephants, fellow Deviants!

A Fall Day Out

Raven Amos on DeviantArt -

A Leptoceratops mother takes her three chicks out for a forage among the cycads on an early fall day. Part of the 2014 "Shields and Spears" art show I did with this October.


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