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Fishing in the Land of Giants

A scene of the estuaries of Pleistocene era California depicting a scavenging short-faced bear, Arctodus simus, feeding off a spawned-out female Oncorhynchus rastrosus, the "saber-toothed" salmon, with an entourage of ancestral California gulls, Larus californicus. In the water, a pair of speculative ocean-phase Oncorhynchus enters the estuary looking for food, while a pair of spawning males jockey for status and position, ready to meet their fate upstream.

Produced for the upcoming textbook by Dr. Darren Naish of University of Portsmouth, England tentatively titled "The Vertebrate Fossil Record". Want to see more art and sketches? Subscribe to my Patreon page (www.patreon.com/alaskanime) and get sneak peeks at my works in progress, early access to finished paintings and more!

17 Years of Weird Art

It's DeviantArt's 17th birthday! Here's a thing that's weird using their template - a guy with a handlebar moustache and frizzy hair in awe at a flying goldfish with a bird in his hair and an elephant at his elbow.

Onchorhynchus rastrosus (2017)

An updated and more accurate version of the giant Miocene-Pleistocene era "saber-toothed" salmon. It turns out their "saber teeth" were actually outward-facing tusks the length of an adult's thumb.

Dinosaurs Are Gnarly!

Live fast, die ugly! Some predatory dinosaurs led rough and dangerous lives, often leaving them scarred and in ill health. In fact, many dinosaur skeletons reveal old battle scars and wounds sustained in life, as well as symptoms of disease.

Available as a shirt (and other items) on NeatoShop and Design By Humans!

Design By Humans:

Alice in Wonderland

Alice the pint-sized Nanuqsaurus takes a turn into a forgotten garden of ancient ferns, gingkoes, conifers, and cycad holdovers from a younger, wetter Earth along the banks of ancestral Prince Creek and Colville River - no doubt, feeling very small indeed among the towering cypress and dawn redwood trees.

Yawning Papilloma Virus-Infected Deinonychus

A yawning Deinonychus (doing that weird neck thing that shoebills and pelicans can do) suffers from a form of Papilloma virus heavily infecting his legs and other parts of his body.

Different Takes on Dimetrodon

Various versions of Dimetrodon, with and without sails or humps, and with both mammalian and reptilian faces.

Oncorhynchus rastrosus

Saber-toothed salmon of the North American West Coast from the Miocene to the Pleistocene.

Deal With It

There, I fixed it. Happy now?!

Cheeky Anurognathus TeeSpring Shirt

A few months ago, our little kitty, Kutuzov, fell ill and had to be put on kidney dialysis - to no avail. His passing has left a huge hole in our hearts, not to mention a dent in our wallet. The total vet costs wiped out our meager savings, and in the middle of all this, we are finding ourselves having to move. I am offering this anurognathus design, colored in the coat pattern and colors of our late kitty, as a way to offset the costs of his final vet bill.


Anurognathus - Cheeky Pterosaur Challenge!

I was challenged by to answer 13 questions or take an art challenge. I opted for the challenge to draw a "cheeky pterosaur" before the end of the day - here is the result. I will probably color this soon.

Fox Racing Logo

An older logo (circa 2005ish) for a drag racing team and car club in Wasilla, AK.