Alice in Wonderland

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Alice the pint-sized Nanuqsaurus takes a turn into a forgotten garden of ancient ferns, gingkoes, conifers, and cycad holdovers from a younger, wetter Earth along the banks of ancestral Prince Creek and Colville River - no doubt, feeling very small indeed among the towering cypress and dawn redwood trees.

Deinocheirus mirificus Dinosaur

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by cubelight

This dinosaur, known at first only from horribly huge and clawed hands, proved to be an amazing and surprising creature. While it was known to be an ornithomimosaur, the true extent of its bizarreness wasn’t uncovered until D. mirificus was discovered—sans skull—from a dig site in Mongolia in 2009. The looted skull actually turned up later via black market activity, and the fossil was eventually repatriated to Mongolia in 2014.

It is an amazing find, and I was present at the presentation at SVP in 2013.

Theropods are weird.


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