Psittacosaurus sibiricus

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A Russian psittacosaurus species found in northern Siberia, that has the distinction of being the largest of the psittacosaurs found to date, and also the one with the most headgear. This little guy sported at least three pair of major facial protuberances, plus numerous other possible osteoderms, hornlets, and other abrasive surfaces. The image of a warthog stuck in my brain when I first saw photos of the skull, and stuck in my brain from thereafter.

Xenopermian - Trematosaur

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Part of an alternative "deep-history" project I am working on for Will Baird called the Xenopermian - an imaginary world where the lumbering beasts of the Permian are given another chance at dominating our early planet, and the strange and beautiful forms they may have taken had the Permian-Triassic extinction event not occurred.

This guy is a marine trematosaur with a basal pterosaur wheeling overhead. Completely done in Photoshop.

Lights in the Sky over Seattle

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Taken July 26, 2008 at Key Arena in Seattle. Freakin' AWESOME show. I want to go again! One of <del>many</del> a few photos that actually turned which I will be uploading. Mostly, I got video, and some photos on my cell phone that I can't get off because the cable for it is MIA.

Taken with a really crappy Olypmus Camedia D-545.

Tupandactylus imperator

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X-posted from my Blogger: The Caw Box. One may call this strange creature "Prince", if only for the fact that this is the pterosaur formerly known as Tapejara imperator. It was previously thought that this was a relative of T. navigans, a shore-dwelling pterosaur made famous by the "Walking with Dinosaurs" BBC series, and T. wellnhoferi. All three sported some interesting headgear, but that was as far as the similarites went. Not much else is known about this royal reptile, other than it had a H-U-U-U-U-U-U-G-E crest on it's noggin. It's purpose is unknown, but one can assume that it was used for display. However, with what effectively equates to a large sail on it's head, it's unlikely to me this strange bird-like creature could actually fly - but apparently, fly they did. The big, heavy beak resembled that of a wrinkled hornbill, which is where my color pallete came from.

BTW - Completely colored in GIMP with my Wacom tablet. They really need better Linux drivers for this damn thing.

McDonalds' Banditos

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X-posted from my Blogger: The Caw Box. To most people, these are the "pigeons" of Alaska - numerous, brazen, and all too happy to mob you for tasty golden french fries. Some may see them as a nuisance. Some don't even see them at all - just another blip in the background noise of arctic life. As one may guess, I have a different view of these birds. The blood of gods course through the veins of these "simple scavengers" - the Tlingit sensed this and beheld this bird as a force of creation, responsible for the accidental creation of mankind.

They really weren't that far off. While most may scoff at the mystical explaination, consider the scientific one. Birds, such as our black feathered friend here, are descended from a lineage far older and terrifying than ours. From a time when mighty titans strode across a world far different from the one we are familiar with - their very footsteps shaking the earth, and even the mightiest trees bowing before their vast strength.

Triceratops Horridus

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X-Posted from my Blogger: The Caw Box. This curious critter was among the last of the great dinosaurs before the K-T extinction, and probably one of the world's most familiar, indeed synonymous with the word "dinosaur" to the average person. A great muscled hulk that seems part parrot, part angry, scaly cow, with a curious array of weaponry and sheilding. Apart from the large bony frill that did well at protecting the herbivore's jugular, Triceratops also sported several hard, bony protrusions called scutes (think crocodile skin), impressions of which have been found in some fossil formations.

Dracanoid Bio Armor - OLD

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Loosely based off GenoCyber. I drew this in high school as part of a series (which I lost the rest of) for my friends. Long story short, we all used to read this fanfic called "Undocumented Features", and actually penned some of our own. This was just an accompanying illustration.

I no longer have the original. Wish to god I did so I could make a better scan. This looks a lot different in person.

Anyway. Blah. This will probably be moved to scraps.

Flying Alien Creature

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Something I drew a few months ago that I love to torment my best friend with... He tells me I'm a very disturbed individual for creating something that is, as he so eloquently puts it, "so VERY VERY WRONG!"

"Alien" concept © H.R. Geiger
Character & art © Raven W. Amos

Public Domain Art-Deco Style Gryphon

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Updated: 9/26/2013

I have decided after some consideration to release this image into the public domain. Everyone is now free to use this image as they wish, in whatever format they can think of. Links back are always appreciated, but no longer necessary.

Raven Yin Yang Tattoo

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I've been toying around with variations on this theme - a white and black raven yin-yang symbol.

So far, this is the only one I've liked well enough to ink and throw up here. I might get this some day.

Please don't use without permission!

The Mouth Of Hell

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Something I doodled off and on at work today, after dealing with every moron in my home town.

My tolerance for stupidity is fast shrinking and that demon of rage with the mouth of Hell is waiting to swallow the offending parties whole and pick his teeth with their bones...

Drawn entirely with BIC pens.

- PS: I didn't mean for this to look like 's picture, "Rise Of Assimilation" O_o sorry if it resembles it. Not my intention.

MEK Bishop - For Mahlis

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One down, a billion more to go

's MEK-inspired character, Bishop the MEK 'Roo, with a few "artistic interpretations" taken by myself. I wasn't pleased with how just the flat brown color looked, so I added some more kangaroo-ish markings to him. I hope you don't mind, Mahlis

I like how he came out looking like a Tank Girl "ripper". Tahnk Girl is t3h 1337 shit.

Pose was heavily inspired by a painting by my all time favorite artist, Brom. Bow before Brom. He pwnz0rs j00.

Background courtesy of image search, fonts courtesy of 1001 Free Fonts.

8-Bit Theater RAWKS

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Me and my friend Dan were really freaking drunk one night, reading 8-bit Theater, and being the geeks we are, realized the striking resemblance between Orco from the old-school HE-MAN cartoons and Black Mage.

And thus starts the insanity.

UPDATE: Go ahead, accuse me of jumping on a bandwagon for Episode 3. DO IT! I DARE YA!!!

Darz for Nessa - Part 2 of 3

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Whee! Darz at a club, spinning glowsticks and having a good old time.

Just because you're blue as a Smurf and covered in self-inflicted wounds doesn't mean you can't have fun, dammit!

I think I've redeemed myself now...VERY pleased with this picture.

Copyrights on the pic.


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