Raven Amos Art

Tonight's serving of #sciart - three reconstructions of some of my favorite fossil critters. First up, Helicoprion with her modern relative, the Galapagos ratfish. Second, an outdated reconstruction of Thallattosaurus from the side and top, after the original Merriam fossil sketch. Last, we have a troodon with corvid-esque feather patterns from a much larger piece I've been working on for the past couple of years.

More entries for the #Sciart #Tweetstorm - three works in progress for Wednesday.

First up is a lone Nanuqsaurus that will be used in a few ideas and projects I have on the back burner. Secondly, a layout for a piece depicting the paleoenvironment of Alaska's North Slope during the Late Cretaceous period, with a pint-sized tyrant realizing he blundered into the wrong part of the Colville River delta. Last, a pair of azhdarchid pterosaurs pause for a drink in Denali, leaving their footprints along the side of a stream.


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