Raven and Scott have been doing art together since they met in 2008. At first it began very innocently, with the preparation of a full-sized fiberglass model of a Tyrannosaurus skull at a museum, but art has since become their natural state.

Both are amateur naturalists, and their work often reflects natural themes.

Lesser Bowertyrant (Gorgosaurus libratus)

A speculative look at the behaviors and habits of long-gone creatures, submitted for Irregular Books’ “All Yesterdays” contest:

Gorgosaurus libratus – the lesser bowertyrant – courts a potential mate by constructing bowers of bone and driftwood and offering trophies of previous hunts or scavenging expeditions while displaying his iridescent feathers.

Download the book All Your Yesterdays by C.M. Kosemen, Darren Naish, and John Conway.


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