#SciArt Tweetstorm 2017: #Paleoart Show in Wasilla, Alaska

Odds & Ends

We'd just like to take a moment to mention that we have an art show in Wasilla, Alaska through March (2017). We finished hanging the final piece this Sunday, and we hope it will be a success. If you're in the valley or even in Anchorage, consider coming out and seeing our show at Espresso Café, 1265 S Seward Meridian Pkwy (across from Walmart).

I think we can guarantee sights very seldom seen before.

Postcards are #SciArt, Too (tangible #paleoart as well!)

It comforts me that the post office is still a thing, and that I can still send a tangible piece of art through the mail. Pin it into corkboard or tape it to your wall! Leave it up long after it's ceased to be relevant! It may remind you of better times. 

For anyone who'd like one, e-mail or DM your mailing address ( — offer available while supplies last).



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